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A foodie’s heaven, Dubai is known for practically serving every nation’s cuisine on the plate. If you can eat it, Dubai can serve it to you. A heaven for non vegetarians who can enjoy from a duck to an exclusive Camel meat, it also has unbelievably great options for the vegetarians and the vegans too.

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Circadian rhythms are driven by biological clocks inside our bodies. The brain has a master biological clock, influenced mainly by light, which tells clocks in the muscles and organs what time of day it is. Because of these clocks, many of the metabolic processes that take place inside us operate at different rates over the course of a 24 hour period..

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On Friday, China Xinhua News, the official news organization of the Chinese government, published a tweet asking a provocative question. In a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the message read, Donald Trump “agreed to honor” the One China policy, “though he had publicly challenged it. What has changed his mind?”.

I watched inaugurations on TV. This is the first time I attended one,” said Carter.Decorated former marine Sgt. Michael L. The exception to this upward trend is in Barcelona, where the iconic Ramblas boulevard has lost much of its charm. Once home to authentic markets, characteristic eateries and a thriving local ambience, it now awash in tacky tourist trinkets and lousy restaurants. Still, if you come to Barcelona, you got to ramble the Ramblas (just don eat or shop there).