That trend will continue

Sounds like a great investment for your landscaping, enjoyment of your yard, fire protection, and the habitat of the Carmel River. Susan Ragsdale Cronin. Don’t know what to wear for your body shape? Watch “What Not To Wear” or check in your local department stores. Again, someone will help you match up clothes, probably better than you thought.

But there are many details and issues to be worked out before we can take this national historical landmark out sailing. One, he said, wants to break a 1895 national treasure that will have taken 16 years to restore when the job is complete next year..

Pollack said that they would be “tracking” the development of Microsoft’s OS/2 for the 80386. Interestingly enough, one decision ParcPlace must make before introducing a DOS or OS/2 version of Objectworks C++ is which C compiler to support (Sun provides its own C compiler) because, as Pollack indicated, the company does not want to support every C compiler in the PC marketplace..

“That trend will continue, and I’d say if the fast food industry starts to see a cheap jerseys tailing off like the restaurants have, then probably it’s an indication that things are getting a lot tighter.”The recession seems to have delivered alcohol sales no more than a glancing blow to date.Sales remained steady throughout 2008, dipping slightly in the December quarter.Rob Chemaly, acting chief executive of Liquorland, said customers were becoming a little more discerning in their purchases.Premium beer sales, for example, were growing, as were sales of wine varieties such as sauvignon blanc and pinot noir.”It looks like there is a quality approach rather than a quantity approach.”He also believed liquor retailers were gaining from people choosing to entertain at home rather than go out.However, he said corporate business had slowed. “In the run up to Christmas we would normally see significant sales to the corporate sector and there was certainly a decline on that.”Richard Sigley, owner of the Nourish Group which runs bars and restaurants in Auckland and Wellington including Danny Doolans, Euro and the Jervois Steak House, agreed the age of the long corporate lunch had faded.Mr Sigley said mainstream outlets attracting a younger crowd were doing well sales at Viaduct Irish bar Danny Doolans were ahead of last year.People were still frequenting the higher end outlets, but were spending less.